Borrower Recovery Solutions

Through a combination of advisory services that provide access to capital, and a team of specialists with the knowledge and resources to effectively negotiate with lenders, TPG and its partners represent borrowers in the modification, extension or discounted payoff of CMBS, as well as on-balance sheet loans collateralized by retail shopping centers.

These efforts are designed for borrower clients with sub-performing retail properties which are unable to meet monthly debt service and/or be refinanced at loan maturity. Our lender relationships, operational experience at the ground level, and focus on shopping center assets give us the unique ability to provide clients with highly sophisticated strategies to achieve optimal outcomes. Furthermore, this unique blend of skills allow us to understand and work through the complexities associated with the creditor market, especially in stressed situations, while also having a deep understanding at the operator level; leveraging our brokerage division resources that  provide independent services for clients to  maximize short and long term values.
As important, TPG and its affiliates can quickly identify, attract, and source the required capital to provide recovery solutions - we advise on all positions in the capital stack, including:

  • Senior, junior and mezzanine debt
  • Preferred and common equity, arranging joint venture equity, and preferred equity
  • Private money capital sources




TPG offers an ideal blend of skills for the challenges in the current real estate and capital markets.